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Comissioned Composition: Recording of “Vivamus Vivere”

In November 2021 the german choir “Leonhardi Ensemble” recorded our comission “Vivamus Vivere” for choir while 2 of YCC’s founding members were present. Bernhard Schmid writes in his article about the process of the recording and that everyone was very happy with the results.

Read the full article here (in German):
https://www.hoehenkirchen-siegertsbrunn.de/de/Gemeindeleben/Gemeindeblatt (page 82-83)

Comissioned Composition: Intrdoduction of “Vivamus Vivere”

The three founding members of the YCC have composed a 4 movement comission called “Vivamus Vivere” for the german choir “Leonhardi Ensemble”.

Claudia Engmann writes among other things in two articles about the comission:
”Inspired by the aftermath of the Corona pandemic, Adrian Cipriani wrote a Latin text about the meaning of life, which the young artists set to music.”
“[Choirmaster Thomas] Baron has known the young musicians and composers for about two years, and last fall he commissioned them to write a composition. The result is a piece for large choir, piano, violin and percussion.”

Read the full articles here (in German):