YCC’s team is working to provide the platform for YCC‘s community and to keep YCC fresh and blossoming 🌻

💭 Adrian Cipriani | Executive Director, Founder

strategy, management, admin, partnerships, finance
Talk to me about (project) ideas, difficulties and feedback.
Joined 2020

Discord: ostreion#2281
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adriancipriani

Adrian is a freelance filmmaker, artist, music producer, young entrepreneur and studies engineering at TUM. He’s got broad experience from painting, film and music production as well as founding a creative community from a young age on. He’s worked at a start-up and with colleagues he’s in the process of building a better organisation & scaling for our creative community YCC.

🏗️ Lennart Kling | Growth Team Manager, Founder

operations, marketing, management
Talk to me about project-schedules, social media, communication and applications.
Joined 2020

Discord: lennartkling#0052
Website: lennartkling.com

Bio coming soon

🎶 Nicolas Jacoby | Head of Music, Founder

music projects & collaborations, website, publishing
Talk to me about things concerning our website, releases, music-related questions of projects and collaborations.
Joined 2020

Discord: nicolasjacoby#0231
Website: https://nicolasjacoby.youngcomposers.community

Nicolas has been making films as a hobby for a few years and has also been composing pieces for a long time. He often combines both fields by writing the film music to self-made films. He also made experiences with sampling by sampling a piano and an organ as well. Additionally to regularly playing the organ in public and conducting a choir he is currently studying music at a conservatory to become a professional musician

Ruben Team Image

🌐 Ruben Camacho Hanhart | Discord Community Manager

Discord Community & Discord Features
Talk to me about what you love in our Discord community or about ways to improve it.
Joined 2023

Discord: rubenofficial#8013

Bio coming soon