YCC’s team is working to provide the platform for YCC‘s community and to keep YCC fresh and blossoming 🌻

🏗️ Lennart Kling | Managing Director, Founder

management, operations, strategy, recruiting
Talk to me about general management, project-schedules, social media, communication, strategy and applications.
Joined 2020

Discord: lennartkling#0052
Website: lennartkling.com

Lenny is a german-belarusian musician, writer and minimalist. He started composing tunes for his fantasy novel when he was little and is still working on the project to this day. He loves epic orchestral music, but is now also into minimalism and trying out some tintinnabuli style. Besides being an author and composer, he has started his own business projects and is on his way to becoming an accountant and tax consultant. As Director of the YCC, he is responsible for team management and networking with new international members.

Ruben Team Image

🌐 Ruben Camacho Hanhart | Manager

community management, graphic design, discord features
Talk to me about general management, design and the discord community server.
Joined 2023

Discord: rubenofficial#8013

Ruben Camacho Hanhart is a Costarican composer known professionally as Rubenofficial, primarily working on television and film soundtracks. His works are notable for integrating electronic music sounds with traditional orchestral arrangements. Being self-taught was great since it gave him the freedom to find his own path, he went to the Sae institute in Amsterdam to take a course (advanced electronic music) that gave him a theoretical wall to lean on while still having his original style, giving him the knowledge that helped him to start mixing & mastering his tracks properly.

💭 Adrian Cipriani | Strategist, Founder

strategy, partnerships, finance
Talk to me about (project) ideas, difficulties and feedback.
Joined 2020

Discord: ostreion#2281
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adriancipriani

Adrian is a freelance filmmaker, artist, music producer, young entrepreneur and studies engineering at TUM. He’s got broad experience from painting, film and music production as well as founding a creative community from a young age on. He’s worked at a start-up and with colleagues he’s in the process of building a better organisation & scaling for our creative community YCC.

🎶 Nicolas Jacoby | Head of Music, Founder

music projects & collaborations, website, publishing
Talk to me about things concerning our website, releases, music-related questions of projects and collaborations.
Joined 2020

Discord: nicolasjacoby#0231
Website: https://nicolasjacoby.youngcomposers.community

Nicolas has been making films as a hobby for a few years and has also been composing pieces for a long time. He often combines both fields by writing the film music to self-made films. He also made experiences with sampling by sampling a piano and an organ as well. Additionally to regularly playing the organ in public and conducting a choir he is currently studying music at a conservatory to become a professional musician.