About the scoring session …

What is the best way to enjoy your summer at home

YCC suggests some intense 48 hours full of scoring to a film sequence! 🙂

  • Get together with the YCC members for some beautiful 2 days!
  • Practise or learn scoring!
  • Your product will be a wonderful piece that will be posted along with the others together with the video on YouTube and all other streaming services included in our service.

DATE: August 7 – 8 from 10/11am till 8pm UTC +2


  • you’ll get the film sequence at the beginning of the meeting
  • a link to a MS Teams Meeting will be sent in the group before the meeting starts -> you don’t need a MS account nor a MS Teams installation, only a browser


Roughly Schedule:

  • 7.8. 9am: Welcome & screening of sequence
  • 10:30am: Collection of first ideas
  • till 7pm: Scoring & open meeting
  • 7pm: review 1st day together
  • 8.8. 9am: “Good Morning! Already had breakfast?” & what to do next in the piece -together
  • till 6pm: Scoring and open meeting
  • 12am: mid-day talk together
  • 6pm: review all compositions together & discuss together
  • implement improvements
  • 7:30pm: mixing and mastering
  • 8 o’clock: final upload to YouTube!


  • time to polish your compositions for the Spotify, etc. release till September 1st
  • September ~15th: It’s out!!

See you at the #1 YCC Scoring Session!

Doodle Calendar for the Scoring Session