Today we released the compositions of the #1 Scoring Session where we scored to an 8min sequence of the classical movie “La Voyage dans la Lune” by George Melies from 1902.

As of today, the videos with the individual film scores are on YouTube on our channel. Meanwhile the first Scoring Session to “La Voyage dans la Lune” is also available on Spotify & Co.

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La Voyage dans la Lune

ja voyage dans la lune cover
The cover of “La Voyage dans la Lune”

The compositions & the artists

“It was the first time for me composing orchestral music for a movie. Although it wasn’t very easy for me to compose 8 minutes of music in only 2 days, it’s been a lot of fun and I’m very proud of what came out. It’s really fascinating to see how everyone created a different mood with his scoring. The most complicated part was the chase towards the end of the film because the music I compose is usually not as dramatic as it should have been in this scene, but it was fun to try out other kindsof music.” – Nicolas Jacoby

“My intention while scoring the movie was to reflect the mood and characteristics of every setting in the music. One example would be the fairytale harp and the reverbing theme which begins to play when the explorers hide in the cave. The exotic plant and the giant mushroom in the cave gave me a magical feeling I wanted the audience to hear in my score.

For the beginning before the launch and for the end when the explorers returned successfully to earth, I composed an epic, positive and powerful theme. So in the end of the composition there is this strong explorers’ theme together with the rather untamed grand’s part. The grand parts were inspired by the wild piano performances of the romantic composers.” – Adrian Cipriani

“I composed the score in only two days, because I wanted to catch my first impression of the movie, which I haven´t seen for a long time. I tried to describe the feelings and moods of the humans, the moon itself and its/his population. The scientists and travelers are excited in the very first scene, which I set to music with pizzicato strings.” 👑 – Lennart Kling

“I really loved my first instrumental composition experience. The video we scored over was an adaptation of a book that I really like and that is why I enjoyed every second of it. I went off tempo for this one because i wanted to give more importance for the visual events and keep the music as an additional flavour. However, I kept in touch with the storyline by using some special effects and sounds.” – Djamel Kara

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… La Voyage dans la Lune …