Reese Rosbrook

2007 Started to learn piano and music theory
2013 Began to write music for piano
2015 Began writing ragtime and jazz
2018 Hired […]

Kento Hladilek

Member of the YCC, Composer, Beatboxer;
Country: USA

2021 Membership with YCC […]

Alexander Belzer

2010 Started learning piano.
2015 Began composing music.
2020 Began to study orchestral conducting (self […]

Anthony Sarginson

2015 First piano performance at intermediate school talent show
2015 Coaxed his parents to take him to the Sutter Creek Ragtime […]

Olina Kilbury

2013: Began learning to play ukulele and Bb clarinet
2014: Began arranging music for woodwinds
2016: Joined […]

Halloween Release 2020

For this year’s Halloween 4 YCC members from 2 different countries wrote some short and scary and spooky orchestral music […]

Tyler Hodgson

Member of the YCC; Composer, Violist, Music Educator

Romantic Era, Early 20th century (Particularly interested in […]

Garrett Brown

2014 Started Learning Guitar
2018 Started Composing for Orchestra
2019 Became a Guitarist for my band Rebel […]

Josh Rowe

2012 Reached Martial Arts Black Belt
2013 Started Learning Keyboard
2014 Started Learning Saxophone
2014 Reached Martial […]

Andrew Fort

2008: first experiments with improvising harmony and counterpoint
2015: first musical arrangements
2016: first original compositions
2018-2020: received superior ratings […]