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    For this year’s World Piano Day (29th March) 9 YCC members composed short piano pieces wich our 5 members from Munich recorded professionally. In total 11 of YCC’s musicians from five different countries worked together. Together we created 10 beautiful short yet very different and distinctive pieces that will be finally released on June 18 on every streaming outlet!

    This is the official cover of our album.


    That's our album on Spotify, but it's available everywhere!

    Before World Piano Day …

    … the three founding members came up with the idea of writing little pieces for piano which Adrian, Lennart, Nicolas, Karl and Mark would perform and record at a grand piano in Munich. So members wrote down their scores and sent them to the members in Munich, who decided who will play the piece. They found a grand piano with a great acoustic and arranged to meet there at the Piano Day.

    On World Piano Day …

    … the members from Munich met and set up all the necessary equipment. It took a while until everyone was happy with the arrangement of the microphones and the resulting sound. And to find out which connected microphone was now the left one and which the right one ;). Once we had done that, there was nothing in the way of recording the pieces. After hours of recording everyone was finally pleased with the outcome.

    Adrian testing the piano on World Piano Day
    Adrian testing the grand piano where we played on.
    From left to right: Nicolas Jacoby, Lennart Kling, Adrian Cipriani, Karl Lippert and Mark Piasecki

    After World Piano Day …

    … the postprocessing was on the agenda. The pieces were comped and mixed by Adrian. It wasn’t that easy to find out how loud the tracks should be to match the volume of other songs on the streaming platforms. Each member was given the opportunity to listen to the final tracks so they could express their wishes if there was anything still wrong or missing.

    At the end of April we reached the final mastering stage!

    Thanks to the owner of the grand piano for letting us play on his great instrument! Can’t wait for next World Piano Day to realise more great projects!

    About the composers and their pieces

    Just turn to the next page to read more about the composers and also their comments on the piece 🙂