Member of the YCC; Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Music Educator, Photographer
Country: United States



  • 2013: Began learning to play ukulele and Bb clarinet
  • 2014: Began arranging music for woodwinds
  • 2016: Joined DM Middle School (DMMS) Drum Line as Marimba 1, Southern California Percussion Alliance (SCPA) Bronze Medal Finalist
  • 2017: DMMS Drum Line Front Ensemble Captain, SCPA Gold Medal Finalist
  • 2017: Principal Bb Clarinetist for TV Junior Youth Symphony and DMMS Symphonic Band
  • 2019: Principal Bb Clarinetist in MMHS Wind Ensemble I
  • 2019: Arranger for clarinet choir2019: Assistant Drum Major of MMHS Marching Emerald Regiment
  • 2020: Performed in London New Year’s Day Parade
  • 2020: Superior for small ensemble festival in Bb Clarinet quartet
  • 2020: Head Drum Major of MMHS Marching Emerald Regiment
  • 2020: Began giving private music lessons under OK Music
  • 2020: Began working under Key2Music (non-profit)
  • 2020: Original composition (O’s Op. 1) went to California state level in PTSA High School Reflection’s competition
  • 2020: 31-day composing challenge: Octave-tober
  • 2020: 3rd place in National Drum Major Competition through DMLA
  • 2021: Superior for solo festival on Bb Clarinet
  • 2021: Membership with YCC

Composing in various styles covering cinematic and symphonic sounds. Olina is often writing for winds/horn line, front ensemble percussion, or plucked strings such as ukulele. She’s a fan of unique instrumentation and is still pursuing a sound that she can call her own.