Keagen Kawahara

I’ve been making music through a DAW(Logic) about 2years now. I’ve improved so much with the help of my friends/connections

Sean O’Brien

2008 Started learning Piano and basic theory
2011 Started learning Advanced Piano Theory
2016 Learned how to play […]

Jack Ledger-Dowse

2010: Started learning Trumpet
2015: Started composing Music
2019: Joined the National […]

Aavash Upreti

2013 Started Learning Guitar
2016 Session Guitarist/Recordist in a studio
2018 Enrolled in Kathmandu […]

Somesh Yatham

2011 Started Learning Piano
2015 Started Learning Percussion
2017 First Piece Premiered for Percussion […]

Mateus Varela

2014 started learning clarinet
2019 started learning piano
2019 started having singing […]

Reese Rosbrook

2007 Started to learn piano and music theory
2013 Began to write music for piano
2015 Began writing ragtime and jazz
2018 Hired […]

Kento Hladilek

Member of the YCC, Composer, Beatboxer;
Country: USA

2021 Membership with YCC […]