Member of the YCC; Composer, Pianist
Country: United States



  • 2015 First piano performance at intermediate school talent show
  • 2015 Coaxed his parents to take him to the Sutter Creek Ragtime venue and meet his idol, Tom Brier
  • 2015 Begins studying piano with concert pianist from Ukraine, Irina Smolyakova
  • 2015 Participated in the West Coast Ragtime competition
  • 2015 Starts to become serious in composing, completing his first composition, “Galactic Rhapsody” followed by his first rag “Dracula’s Dance”
  • 2016 Meets a new friend/accomplished composer, Vincent Johnson, at the Oakhurst ragtime festival who would later became his mentor after several email exchanges of sharing work and asking for rather obscure sheet music.
  • 2016 Starts education at University High School, a small college prep school emphasizing heavily on music education/performance while at the same time paving a way for students to be ready to apply for their dream university.
  • 2017 Starts receiving piano lessons from the head of Fresno State University piano department, Andreas Werz.
  • 2018 Records his first CD “Syncopated Musings” as a tribute to Tom Brier
  • 2018 Performs in a duet concert with virtuosic ragtime/early jazz pianist and historian, Adam Swanson.
  • 2020 Begins enrollment at Fresno State University, majoring in music composition while continuing classical piano lessons with Andreas and starting jazz piano lessons with Craig VonBerg.
  • 2020 Participates in the 2020 Art Song Competition
  • 2021 Begins composition lessons under the wings of Kenneth Froelich.
  • 2021 Participated in several masterclasses with high-end film/video game composers such as Carlos Rafael Rivera (the composer of the music to “The Queen’s Gambit), Rebecca Kneubuhl (composer of a lot of the music to the new Spyro and Crash Bandicoot games), Bear McCreary (known for God of War), Garry Schyman (composed the score for Bioshock), and Sebastien Najand (worked on League of Legends).
  • 2021 Membership with YCC

“What ragtime would’ve been like if jazz had not taken over”
Also enjoys scoring for films and orchestrating piano pieces for large ensembles/vice versa