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  1. to establish a vibrant international community for young composers,
  2. to create professional and original work sharing inspiration, resources and  passionately collaborating on  projects,
  3. to form international, musical friendships.


  1. Do not let your mind be limited, be free and open in your thinking.
  2. Dream great and then live great.
  3. Be passionate. 


  1. March 2020, during lockdown in Germany: Adrian Cipriani came up with the idea for an international community for young composers.
  2. 2020/04/04: Foundation of the YCC by Adrian Cipriani, Nicolas Jacoby and Lennart Kling
  3. 2020/07/18: First international members
  4. September 2020: Release of the 1st Scoring Session
  5. 2021/05/31: Meanwhile gained members from 10 different countries
  6. 2021/06/18: Released our first album


  • Scoring Session #1 “A Trip to the Moon”: Scoring film music for the 1902 movie ,,La Voyage dans la Lune” (2020)
  • Scoring Session #2 “Halloween Music” (2020)
  • Scoring Session #3 “Piano Day”: Composing and recording short piano pieces for World Piano Day (2021)
  • currently running Scoring Session #4 “Big Album Project BAP” (2021/22)
  • currently running Scoring Session #5 “Tales Project” (2021/22)
All about us - Piano Day Cover
The cover of our third Scoring Session: “Short Piano Pieces for World Piano Day”

What we offer, additionally:

  • our most valuable good: an inspiring, international community
  • releasing services: release through YCC’s label to Spotify, SoundCloud and every other music streaming service
  • valuable resources: (a lot of cool new stuff is going on here right now, but we still need some time) present yourselves on the YCC website and social media, get yourself featured
  • audience: join and present you to our ever growing interested audience

If you still have questions about us, just write us an email!