In Practice: Film Scoring

this daw is cubase 10.5 pro
Cubase 10.5 Pro

What’s in the picture?

  • the timeline: your main working area, a sequencer, where you work in tracks (e.g. instrument, audio, video, MIDI, effect, tempo), arrange audio files (that can be tweaked with effects) and MIDI data (that gets send to the VSTIs) and in this case also the video
  • at the very bottom: the transport tools like play, stop, record
  • on the very left: different parameters of the track, ability to insert effects
  • next to the timeline: all the names of you tracks, can be muted(M) or can be played in solo(S)
the mixing console

This is the mixing console. Here you do mix the different audio and instrument tracks. You are also able to insert different effects here.