Adrian Cipriani

2018 solo exhibition of his artworks
2019 attending nude drawing classes at Academy of Fine Arts Munich
2019 & 2020 film […]

Nicolas Jacoby

2014 first composition
2019 & 2020 first examination for church music secondary office with pipe organ
2019 & 2020 film project […]

Lennart Kling

2013 first composition
2016 beginning of the work on the 5-part fantasy novel series ,,Lok Nihil”
2018 visit to the Fazioli factory in Italy

Karl Lippert

Member of the YCC; Composer; ProducerCountry: Germany WEBSITE: VITA: 2013 Entry into the SVA program of the Municipal Singing […]

Pepe Jara Mas

Former member of the YCC; ComposerCountry: Spain WEBSITE: VITA: 2005 started learning guitar 2014 first composition for orchestra 2020-2021 […]

Casey Whyte

Member of the YCC; Composer; Violinist WEBSITE: VITA: coming soon