We are the Young Composers’ Community, short YCC,

an international community for young composers.

Through active dialogue, meetings (virtual/local) and also through our projects, our non-profit organisation connects artists from all over the world.


  • Keagen Kawahara
    I’ve been making music through a DAW(Logic) about 2years now. I’ve improved so much with the help of my friends/connections
  • Sean O’Brien
    2008 Started learning Piano and basic theory 2011 Started learning Advanced Piano Theory 2016 Learned how to play […]
  • Jack Ledger-Dowse
    2010: Started learning Trumpet 2015: Started composing Music 2019: Joined the National […]

YCC’s aim is to create professional and original work sharing inspiration, resources and collaborating on projects. Our dream is that amongst members of the YCC friendships are formed. Internationally.

YCC Members around the world

30 Members from 12 countries

“We realised that every member in a community such as the YCC could learn so much, bringing their music and their personality to a completely new level.

YCC founding members all_about_us
The YCC Founding Members from Germany (from left to right): Lennart Kling, Adrian Cipriani , Nicolas Jacoby

Our association offers an individual, friendly, active and above all a very creative environment. The focus is on instrumental music, in particular Contemporary Classic and Film Music.

We have the feeling, that kids or teenagers who start composing have no or little contact to peers, who also start composing. But this is, we think, essential for a successful development of their individual musical skills.


We are very excited about young and motivated new members
and also encourage young composers.

  • Do you want to contribute wonderful ideas and projects, maybe you know how things could be even better?
  • You are about to join us and want to help tackling our workload?
  • Or you have any questions about us or are a parent?

Just send us an e-mail 😉